Under 13 Hurling League 2023 Roinn A

U13 Hurling Roinn A 2023

15 aside; Duration: 2 x 20 mins

1 group of 4 teams; each team plays each other once. 1st v 3rd and 2nd vs 4th in semi finals. 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw; head-to-head applies if teams are level on points.

Team listed first plays at home. Away team must referee.

Teams: St. Declans, Ballygunner, Butlerstown, Holy Cross

FINAL – Tuesday 23rd May 2023

County Final Wednesday 7th June – Western Venue







Tuesday 28th March Holy Cross v St Declans

  Ballygunner v Butlerstown




Tuesday 18th April St Declans v Ballygunner

  Butlerstown v Holy Cross




Tuesday 25th April Holy Cross v Ballygunner
    Butlerstown v St Declans



Semi Finals

Tuesday 9th May 1st v 3rd

2nd v 4th


1st and 2nd play at home