Girls Football League 2022 Roinn B

Please click HERE for Girls Football Rules and Regulations

U13 Girls’ Football – Roinn B 2022

11 aside; Duration: 2 x 20 mins

1 group of 6 teams. Top 2 teams straight to the final.

2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw; head-to-head applies if teams are level on points.

Team listed first plays at home. Away team referees.

Final – Wednesday October 26th







Wednesday 14th September GS na nDeise vs Portlaw

  Glor na Mara vs Mercy

  GS Philib Barun vs Presentation



Wednesday 21st September Glor na Mara vs GS Philib Barun

  Mercy vs Portlaw

  GS na nDeise vs Presentation



Wednesday 28th September Mercy vs GS Philib Barun
    GS na nDeise vs Glor na Mara
    Portlaw vs Presentation



Wednesday 5th October GS Philib Barun vs Portlaw
    Presentation vs Glor na Mara
    Mercy vs GS na nDeise


Wednesday 12th October Presentation vs Mercy
    Portlaw vs Glor na Mara
    GS Philib Barun vs GS na nDeise