Girls Football League 2023 Roinn A

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U13 Girls’ Football – Roinn A 2023

15 aside; Duration: 2 x 20 mins

1 group of 5 teams. Top 2 teams straight to the final.

2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw; head-to-head applies if teams are level on points.

Team listed first plays at home. Away team referees. If a school wishes to appoint a neutral referee, the fee is €25 is to be paid to the referee by that school.

Co-ordinator: Elaine Power 051-381036






Wednesday 13th September

Rathgormack vs Ballygunner



St Ursulas vs Holy Cross



Our Lady of Mercy – Bye





Wednesday 20th September

Ballygunner vs St Ursulas



Our Lady of Mercy v Rathgormack



Holy Cross – bye





Wednesday 27th September

St Ursulas vs Our Lady of Mercy



Holy Cross vs Ballygunner



Rathgormack – bye





Wednesday 4th October

Our Lady of Mercy vs Holy Cross



Rathgormack vs St Ursulas



Ballygunner – Bye





Wednesday 11h October

Holy Cross vs Rathgormack



Ballygunner vs Our Lady of Mercy



St Ursulas – Bye

Teams: Ballygunner, Holy Cross, St Ursulas, Rathgormack, Our Lady of Mercy


FINALS – Tuesday/Wednesday 24th/25th October

Extra time to be played of 5 mins per half in the event of a draw. If still a draw the schools involved arrange a date and time that suits both for a replay.