Rules & Guidelines

Go Games Hurling & Football

Currently the Under 10 Gaelic Football and U-11 Hurling competitions are run in the Go Games Blitz format. Initially all teams will play a series of non- competitive games in Walsh Park. This will then be followed by two Go Games Blitzes will will take place at the various venues and will be divided up into different divisions. Therefore all schools will be given the opportunity to play in Walsh Park. The competitive element in these games has been greatly reduced for these age groups and it is hoped that the elements of fun and enjoyment will be emphasised to a greater degree.

The committee of Cumann na mBunscol, East Waterford is grateful for the help we receive from the Games Development Officers: Eoin Breathnach, John Quinn and David Robinson in organising these blitzes in Walsh Park.

Finally we are depending on the good will of all pupils and teachers to successfully implement this initiative.

Go Games Rules Under 10 Gaelic Football


  • Normal Playing Rules apply
  • One toe tap and one bounce only permitted
  • 45’s to be taken 30 meters from opponents goal
  • All 45’s/Kick-outs and Frees may be taken from the hands
  • The player fouled takes the free
  • Normal scoring system to apply
  • Unlimited substitutions

All Schools involved in Go Games are asked to practice Respect for Referees, Players, Teachers and Schools at all times

Go Games Rules Under 11 Hurling

Pitch Dimensions: 100 metres by 60 metres approx
Sliotar: U 11 – Smart Touch Sliotar


  • Eleven a side
  • Normal Playing Rules to apply
  • Square ball rule is not applied
  • A player may solo the sliotar on his hurley once, for a maximum of 8 steps in any one possession
  • 65’s to be taken from the centre of the field
  • A player may not score direct from a puck-out
  • Normal scoring system to apply
  • Games are 40 minutes duration

All Schools involved in Go Games are asked to practice Respect for Referees, Players, Teachers and Schools at all times

INTO Mini Sevens Age Limits for 2018 – 2019

The age limits as set out below apply to the 2018/19 competition.

Age limits for Boys or Girls –Total enrolment of Boys only or Girls only: (3rd to 6th Classes inclusive)
Children born on or after:
Enrolment D.O.B

  • 200+ 1st Jan. 2007
  • 170 – 199 1st Dec. 2006
  • 140 – 169 1st Nov. 2006
  • 110 – 139 1st Oct. 2006
  • 80 – 109 1st Sept. 2006
  • 50 – 79 1st Aug. 2006
  • 30 – 49 1st July 2006
  • 0 – 29 1st June 2006


Each year 240 children are selected to play in Croke Park in the colours of the competing senior teams in front of huge attendances. For the children who are selected it is a very proud and memorable occasion. Some of the children who have played in the mini sevens have gone on to represent their county in many competitions.

The mini sevens is structured so that every county will be represented on one of the six days. A pupil from your school might be lining out on All Ireland semi-final or final Day.


The normal rules of hurling and football with the following adaptations shall apply.

  • All kick outs/puck outs shall be taken from the goal-line
  • Unlimited substitutions shall be made from the half-way line.
  • Hand pass scores shall not be allowed in either hurling, camogie or football. A punched point in football is permissible.
  • All kick outs, frees, side-lines and 45’s shall be taken from the hand.
  • Players shall be limited to one toe tap and one hop in any solo movement.
  • As in ladies football rules girls shall be permitted to pick the ball directly from the ground.
  • A score directly from the puck-out in hurling or camogie shall not be permissible.
  • Games shall be of not less than fourteen minutes duration and no more than twenty minutes. Each game to have a two-minute interval.
  • 70 metres by 50 metres are the recommended pitch dimensions.
  • Entries must have the prior approval of the board of management.
  • Teachers representing their school. Shall enter into arrangements to complete the mini-sevens in collaboration with Cumann na mBunscol, the recording body in each county.
  • Participation in mini-sevens is open to all eligible children in all codes. A child may not be selected in both codes in the one year.
  • Teams will be 7-a-side Maximum panel of 12. Teams fielding more than this can be disqualified.
  • A player may make only one appearance in Croke Park in each code.
  • Mixed teams may not be entered.
  • Amalgamations are at the discretion of each county unit up to a maximum of six teachers.

Rules and Guidelines for Football, Hurling and Camogie Leagues 2018- 2019

Boys Hurling and Football Under 13

  • Roinn A: 15 a side 20 mins each half
  • Roinn B: 11 a side 15 mins each half
  • Roinn C: 9 a side 15 mins each half
  • Roinn D: 9 a side 15 mins each half

Camogie and Ladies’ Football

  • Roinn A: 13 a side 20 mins each half
  • Roinn B: 10 a side 15 mins each half
  • RoinnC: 9 a side 15 mins each half

Semi-Final Rules

The team which tops the group has home advantage for all semi finals. Runner up from the other group referees the game.

Play Off Rules

3 Teams tie for one place in the group = Draw. 1st team out goes to one side, other two teams play off, winner of that game plays the first team out.

3 Teams draw tie for 1st and 2nd place in group = Draw. 1st team out goes 2nd, other two teams play off to decide who tops the group.

Eastern Final Days

Please Note: Extra time will be played, 10 minutes in total, 5 minutes per half.

County Finals = 10 mins extra time

Only players and mentors allowed on the sideline on Final Days.

Rules and Guidelines for Indoor Camogie and Hurling


  • 5 a side panel of 10
  • Games 10 minutes in duration, no interval
  • Use Go Games Smart Touch Sliotar
  • Unlimited substitutions during a break in play
  • Ball cannot be kicked or stopped by foot. Penalty: Free puck
  • Ball cannot be handled ( only exception is the goalkeeper who can stop the ball with hand or foot in goal area and then play the ball away with the hurley)
  • Only goals count
  • Score not allowed directly from puck out
  • Ball may not be intentionally lifted off the ground and struck
  • Players must be at least 2 metres away from free taker
  • Boys participating include 4th class and under
  • Girls participating include 5th class and under
  • Please ensure that all teams participating in the competition arrive at the venue 15 minutes before games commence

N.B. Score difference no longer applies. Teams finishing on the same points play off against one another in a five minute game